Mileena, Your Stylish Host !

photoshootedit3 Hi everyone and welcome to Styled By: Mileena. This is a blog I have started because of my love for fashion and all the things that surround it. Be prepared for all fashion, styling, beauty, DIY fashion, and anything that inspires me.

Let me tell you a little about myself so you can get to know me a little better.

  • I live in NYC
  • I am a graduate of the Art Institute of New York, where i studied Fashion Design.
  • I am currently a freelance fashion designer, and sales intern.
  •  My personal sense of style is feminine with a masculine appeal.
  • I am very crafty, so if I see an expensive dress or anything I want, I will find a way to make it for the low. (Stick with me; I’ll teach you some tricks–I mean who doesn’t love a discount!?)
  • I’m addicted to makeup; I literally buy it for no reason (So stay tuned for makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, hauls, etc)

There are a abundance of things that I cant wait to share with you guys! I’m ready for a great year and cant wait for you guys to share it with me vicariously through my posts.