Month: March 2016

OOTD: Princess Biker 😍

OOTD: Princess Biker 😍

White top
$2.84 –

Gucci leather jacket
$10,615 –

WithChic high rise jeans
$37 –

Leather jewelry

Chanel jewelry


The House of Li Jon- Avant Garde Chain mail Designer Lia Mira Interview

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 5.47.25 PMI first stumbled upon The House of Li Jon on Instagram one day when I saw Instagram personality India Love wearing an intricate chain dress for her birthday. It was absolutely stunning! After going on The House of Li Jon’s Instagram page @houseoflijon I realized, “Oh shit! this is BEYOND stunning, someone literally is hand making these garments every little ring at a time”. At this point I had to find out more about this designer and asked for a formal interview, and to my surprise she accepted and I was stoked. I sent in my questions and at this point I know nothing about this person but the images I’ve seen of the garments which looked like pieces of art. After sitting down and reading the responses to the questions there was a new-found respect for the unconventional Avant Garde designer. I was informed that what she makes is actually chain mail armor that imitates clothing while incorporating her own personal sense of style in the designs. She found a way to make this armor not only modern-day wearable but ART that I feel is highly respectable considering the amount of labor,time, and pain that must go into creating these pieces.

That artist/Avant Garde Designer is 34-year-old Lia Mira from Philadelphia who got her start 4 years ago. I related to her story so much and I feel like she is completely misunderstood. I learned from this interview that it is deeper than fashion to her, it’s about marching to the beat of your own drum. She makes what she wants, she makes what she loves and she wants it to be considered not only fashion, but art because that’s exactly what it is. The same art as painting but this is the art chain mail armor that she made her own lane in. In my opinion she didn’t make her own lane in fashion, she made her own lane in art.

Check out the Interview Below :