Month: January 2016

LV Palm Springs Backpack Mini Bag


Louis Vuitton put a spin on the backpack making a mini backpack for their Palm Springs Collection. How adorable!? the bag is tiny at 5.9 x 8.7 x 3.5 inches. You probably can’t hold too much in here but the essentials. But I know there are times when I am so overwhelmed by these huge handbags that I carry and just want to carry light. I own literally NO small bags, whatsoever! crazy I know but I tend to put a lot of unnecessary crap in my bag acting as if I’ll need it for the day. Then I just end up with a heavy bag for no reason. So if your like me and sometimes you just CAN’T with the huge handbags, this is a great go to. This bag could be worn as an everyday bag. The straps are interchangeable so it can be worn as a backpack but can also be turned into a crossover bag. There is also a zippered front pouch and a leather scarf loop located at the bottom of the bag where you can put your scarf or even better clip on cute keychains like jewels, your initials, or fuzz balls for example. The price for this bag is 1,590$.

Click the link to shop this bag!  Palms Springs Backpack Mini


Louis Vuitton Resort 16′ Train Case Bags


Louis Vuitton’s Resort 16′ train bags are just phenomenal. I’ve always been a fan of train case bags since I was a child. I always found them super unique especially when worn as an everyday handbag(I think medium hat bags make great handbags as well*). This is a sturdy accessory, not only because of the structure of the bag but the statement you would make trolling around the city with this on your own. The collection included the train cases bags in many different sizes and variations. Such as clutches, mini cases with interchangeable straps, while also incorporating exotic prints, bold colors, silver, gold and matte hardware and of course the infamous monogram.






GET THE LOOK! Purple Rain Velvet Boots

“Is that VELVET?!” Thats all I could think as my mouth watered looking at these beauties. All I could think was “purple rain rain on me!” I need these and I’m sure you do too. The designer behind the boots is Belgian designer Dries Van Noten. These purple crushed velvet boots are ankle length with a chunky stacked heel thats about 4.5 inches with a almond toe and exposed brass zipper closure. Okay so I know your like Mileena get to the point how much do they cost!? Well… Last time I checked these were priced at about $600 or so (don’t quote me one this) but they’re sold out now everywhere it seems. HOWEVER, I would never let you guys down so I have a steal for you! You can get this look for less. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting showered in purple rain but you can get the look and thats all that matters. HM carries a boot exactly like this one but the color option is only black crushed velvet. I have even BETTER news for you though…

S A L E ! GO GO GO their on sale right now for only 29.99$ !

What are you waiting for?!  HM Black Crushed Velvet Ankle Boots Click the link !

Pair these boots with boyfriend jeans, and a button down shirt or over sized sweater and you are set.


HM Black Crushed Velvet Ankle Boots Click the Link to purchase ! On sale for 29.99$

Rihanna’s 8000$ Royal Headphones

Rihanna graced us with a gorgeous selfie earlier today reminding us she is the selfie queen, all pun intended lol. She is rocking a Dolce and Gabbana Napa Leather Rhinestone Headphones with Crown. Yes ladies and gents the crown and the headphones are one! How amazing is that? I assumed they were a one of one and only a person like Rihanna could have a headphone like this. But they actually aren’t,( although after Rihanna showed the world this picture the headphones were sold out in hours) these babies are priced at 8,895$. So i guess my assumption was right, only Rihanna can have these because hunny the way my bank account is set up. . . lol. However when I really sit there and think about it; people spend 50,000$ on just luxury hand bags. So hey if I had it, I’d buy this crown for 9,000 rather than buying a bag for 9,000.


What do you guys think? Do you love/hate the headphones? Would you pay this much for headphones?  


Mileena, Your Stylish Host !

photoshootedit3 Hi everyone and welcome to Styled By: Mileena. This is a blog I have started because of my love for fashion and all the things that surround it. Be prepared for all fashion, styling, beauty, DIY fashion, and anything that inspires me.

Let me tell you a little about myself so you can get to know me a little better.

  • I live in NYC
  • I am a graduate of the Art Institute of New York, where i studied Fashion Design.
  • I am currently a freelance fashion designer, and sales intern.
  •  My personal sense of style is feminine with a masculine appeal.
  • I am very crafty, so if I see an expensive dress or anything I want, I will find a way to make it for the low. (Stick with me; I’ll teach you some tricks–I mean who doesn’t love a discount!?)
  • I’m addicted to makeup; I literally buy it for no reason (So stay tuned for makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, hauls, etc)

There are a abundance of things that I cant wait to share with you guys! I’m ready for a great year and cant wait for you guys to share it with me vicariously through my posts.